Twitch to Offer Lower Minimum Payout Threshold for Streamers

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In the world of online broadcasting, Twitch is one of the biggest platforms available. Despite the fact that streaming platforms have seen a decline in growth recently, the Amazon-owned service is still doing well, pulling in millions of viewers each month. While the majority of people do it for fun, it is possible to make some income from it, perhaps even go make a career out of it. Given this, there is a new update that's coming soon which should make payments more regular for streamers.

According to the latest Twitch blog post, the site is updating the way that it pays content creators. Currently, a minimum threshold of $100 needs to be reached before a user can draw out funds. However, this will soon be lowered to just $50, with the post going on to say that this should create a "faster payout experience." The plan is to roll out this update tomorrow for Argentina, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and Taiwan, with other countries following soon after. It's expected that around 70,000 streamers will benefit from this lowered threshold once it rolls out completely.

The platform is constantly making changes, which aim to improve the overall experience. Recently, Twitch made some alterations to its category layout sections, making it so that people could browse certain streams without actually going into the channels directly. The site also said it's looking to be more transparent about bans.

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